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Coach Checklist
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NVGSA Weather Policy
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Coach Checklist


Submit Coach Registration Form

Complete concussion training, submit certificate to commissioner.  https://www.train.org/cdctrain/course/1089818/

Concussion training takes about 30 minutes.  You have to create an account, take a pre-test, watch videos, take a post-test and everyone gets a certificate.

Ensure you, and assistant coach or a parent has completed the Fairfax County Volunteer Field Director program:    https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/neighborhood-community-services/athletics/volunteer-field-director  NVGSA stores all forms you may need in our "Documents" section of the homepage in the County and Field Info folder 

Read Rules Preamble, age-specific Rules and Interleague Rules

Read and distribute Codes of Conduct to players and team parents

NVGSA Weather Policy

In the case of inclement weather...

It is the home team coach's responsibility to call the game due to weather.  During the game both coaches and the umpire consult.  The umpire can make a unilateral call to stop play. 

This should be done at least 2 hours prior to game time, when possible (to avoid umpire fees)

  1. Check the County hotline for all fields other than WFES. To check the hotline, click here or call 703-324-5264. Neither the website nor the phone number are updated on the weekends.
  2. You may have to physically check the fields at WFES unless it is obvious that play is not possible. Every field drains differently, and it may be possible to play even with light rain.  The primary consideration should be player safety, in particular the potential for slipping on a base/home plate or in the outfield grass.  Consideration should also be given to minimizing damage to the field.
  3. 10U games - Notify the 10U umpire scheduler to cancel the 10U teen umpire for your game.
  4. 12U & 18U games - Notify the NVGSA umpire scheduler, (703-475-7266 Cell), or his alternate, so that the umpires may be cancelled. DO NOT call umpires directly unless asked to do so by the scheduler or his alternate.
  5. Notify the opposing team's coach.
  6. Notify your team.
  7. Work with the opposing coach and the NVGSA scheduler, Steve Vlcan , to reschedule your game.

Please try to quickly reschedule your rainout.  As weekends fill up consider using one of your practice nights.