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There are several resources for drills and practice plans.  In general, try to break the team up into smaller groups and keep them moving between stations.  Recruit other parents to help with drills.


Youtube is your friend, just google "fastpitch softball drills"


Also, try the Positive Coaching Alliance: http://devzone.positivecoach.org/browse/?f[0]=im_field_topics_in_sports%3A1


General practice plan


A.  Warm-up and stretching (10 minutes)

B.  Throwing drills (15 minutes)

- work on age appropriate level Ball in the correct position, chin is the target, two      hand catch, feet in position, step into throw

- Do some type of competitive drill the last 2 or 3 minutes most catches or do criss cross drill and count number of drops or how much time it takes or how many balls they can get through compare to previous drills to note improvement.

C.  Defensive Drills – use multiple stations to keep more kids involved (no standing around)

- Ground balls, pop-ups, around the world, follow the throw, etc

D.  Base Running/sliding – Teach 3 step lead, watch the hit, when to pick up 3rd base coach, tagging up on Fly ball, delayed steal, sliding (hook, straight in, slide by tap)

E.  Hitting – use 2 or 3 stations to keep everyone involved lots of tee work should try to get 100 swings by each player (single tee, double tee, soft toss, pitching machine or coach toss)

- stress hip rotation, arms in, shoulders level. Watch for bat casting, stepping in the bucket or happy feet (stress getting ready loading and being still before the pitch arrives, positive attitude toward hitting think yes, yes, yes until pitch tells you no.)

- Bunting, all the girls that attended Firebirds Camp in January learned to bunt!

F.  Conditioning (10 minutes) Make it fun relay races around the bases, play pickle kids love a contest.

This will cover a one and a half hour practice and kids should be active and not standing around.


More Specific Practice plan

Warm-up and stretching drills (10 minutes)

  • Couple laps around the bases or a lap around the outfield slow jog

  • Stretch legs, arms, shoulders, Do some jumping jacks, burpees

Throwing drills (20 minutes)

  • Flips for back spins

  • Shorter throws then get longer

  • Work on ball and hand back, target is chin, chest throwing arm

  • Be age appropriate 6u aren’t going to throw 60 feet but 12u should

Defensive Drills (20 minutes)

  • Ground balls start with alligator then get better

  • By 10 u should be fielding ball off the glove side foot

  • Forehand and backhand roll ball have them throw to first

  • Fly balls Fingers up catch the ball in front of chest

  • At or after 10u start working on transition

  • Position play, bunt defense

Hitting drills (20 minutes)

  • Work on hip rotation, level shoulders , load, momentum toward the pitcher

  • Watch for happy feet, stepping in the bucket, dropping the hands,  bat casting

  • Bunting is huge in softball all girls should know how to bunt

Conditioning (15 minutes)

  • Play pickle, have relay races, make it fun!

Other things to consider

  • Base running teach 3 step lead, tagging up on a fly ball, make sure the ball gets through the infield

  • Watching for signs, bunt, steal, bunt and run, and delayed steal.

  • All girls in Firebirds camp and spring warm-up camp learned how to slide, work with them on this

  • They know straight slide, pop-up slide and slide by tap

  • Always know the count dropped third strike 12u and up.


At the end of practice take no more than 5 minutes to answer questions and praise the good work that was done today individually.  All of them did something good today, made a great catch, a great throw, ran the bases, good hustle, nice slide, good hit kept eye on the ball, made great swings, transitioned well between catch and throw, improved on a skill.