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A Little About NVGSA

NVGSA provides an opportunity for girls from ages 5 to 18 to participate in spring and fall playing seasons. All players are welcome and encouraged to participate, regardless of skill levels or previous experience. At NVGSA, we recognize not all girls develop physically, atheltically, or emotionally at the same pace.  By keeping age groups small, we allow girls of the same age and skill level to compete on a more even scale.  This allows them to develop emotionally and athetically at a faster rate than organizations that place kids in broader age ranges.  The house program is organized into four divisions - Coach Pitch division, the Pigtail division, the Ponytail division, and the Senior division.

Girls from ages 5 - 6 participate in the 6U division and girls from 7 - 8 participate in the 8U division, where emphasis is placed on development of basic skills and knowledge of the game of softball. Girls playing in this division are new to the game or have only played one season of softball.

Girls ages 9 - 10 participate in the 10U division, where emphasis is still on learning the fundamentals of the games. This division is primarily for girls age 9 - 10 who are new to the game of softball OR have only played 1 - 2 seasons of softball OR who have not mastered the skills of catching and throwing. Specialized rules for this division include coach pitch after the child pitcher has thrown 4 balls (hence no walking of batters), modified stealing rules, no infield-fly rule, no dropped third strike rule.

Girls ages 11 - 12 participate in the 12U division. Girls are introduced to more advanced aspects of the game. This division is consists of girls 11- 12 who are new to the game and girls 10 years old who have played at least 2 seasons of softball AND who have mastered the basic skills of the game (primarily catching). At this level, the girls play a straight USA game.

Girls ages 13 - 18 participate in the 18U division. More advanced skills are introduced at this level. This division consists of girls ages 13 - 18 who are both new to the game AND who have mastered some of skills taught at the Ponytail level.

Although age is an important factor in determining the correct division for your daughter, skill are also taken into consideration. We consider it important to keep the girls challenged. Therefore, you can request to have your daughter placed in a higher division if you believe her skill level is more appropriate to the higher division.  Ultimately, commissioners at each level will decide if a younger girl will be allowed to play in a higher age division.

Team Composition Teams are formed by the division commissioners. The overall objective of the House League team formation guidelines is the achievement of competitive division play at the Pigtail, Ponytail, and Senior levels, based on an equitable distribution of talent, and accommodation of special requests consistent with competitive balance. Coaches will be given the opportunity to collectively review player assignments to teams. The respective division commissioner must approve any requests from his/her coaches to reassign players. Coaches are prohibited from trading or otherwise realigning players without the approval of the division commissioner.

How often do teams practice? Coaches are normally given one practice slot per week to use as she or he sees fit. The practices usually covers a 2 hour time slot.

Where do teams practice and play? The Fairfax County Recreation Department, based upon our size and geographical location, assigns us fields. For the past several seasons our home base has been Wakefield Forest Elementary School on Iva Lane. This is our primary practice and game location for the Western teams. With the addition of the Eastern teams, we also play games and practice at Wilton Woods Administration Center located on Franconia Road. We also use the Jayvee and Varsity fields at Lake Braddock Secondary School and Wakefield Park Recreation Center for some games. We may have additional locations assigned once our field requests are approved by the County.

What equipment is required? The League provides uniforms and playing equipment for each team. Each player need only provide her own softball glove and shoes. We recommend a soccer type cleated shoe, however any soft soled shoe is permitted. No metal cleats are permitted. No jewelry can be worn during games or practices. Most local sporting goods stores can assist with glove and shoe selections.

How can I help? There is a block on the registration form for you to indicate an area of support that interests you. We have positions on the Board of Directors that are open and individual Board members are always interested in having help with their "chores". Your daughters coach is probably the most important "cog" in the wheel of success of our league. Providing assistance to her/him will help make this a more enjoyable experience for your Daughter.

To see the league by-law click here.