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(What to look for in a softball organization. )

1.  Where is the organization's main focus? 

     NVGSA focuses 100% on fastpitch softball

  • NVGSA does not divert fees to prop up other sports. 100% of our effort and your fees are dedicated to softball. Thus, your player learns and progresses at the fastest rate possible, while having the maximum amount of fun :)

2.  Do they have enough players to have multiple teams at each age level? 

     NVGSA has over 300 players

  • While some leagues struggle to put together 2 teams in each of their age groups, NVGSA averages over 5 teams in each age group.

3.  What are the age groupings?

     House development age groups 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-18

  • Why is age grouping important? Because not all children develop physically and emotionally at the same pace. By keeping the age groupings small. it allows girls of the same age and skill level to compete on a more even scale. This allows them to develop athletically and emotionally at a faster rate than organizations that throw 8 year olds in with 13 year olds. Our 5-8 year olds (8u) hit coach pitch. This allows the hitters to develop hand eye coordination at a faster pace than tee-ball leagues. Our 9-10 (10u) year olds begin to pitch. This allows the hitters to get accustomed to a player pitching at an earlier age, while our pitchers begin to develop at an earlier age. Our 11-12 (12u) year old girls play 100% fast pitch softball. We even offer competitive fast pitch softball for girls 13-18 (18u), which many leagues do not offer! Although we recommend the girls playing in their own age level in the spring (age level based on age as of Jan. 1st), we do permit the more experienced girls to play up at the next level.

4.  Do they offer developmental and select play?

     House and Dimensions teams

  • NVGSA offers two levels of play. The house league teaches softball skills and provides a field of play for girls from novice to advanced softball skills. Our Dimensions teams offer a forum for girls with a more competitive drive to participate in games against local B and C level travel teams. Teams are fielded according to availablility of players and coaches. 

5.  What developmental offerings are there after the spring season?

     Softball offerings all year long

  • NVGSA does not shut down after the spring! In the fall, when other softball organizations are dormant, NVGSA gears up again for a full fall season, with emphasis on developing skills. During the spring and fall seasons we have batting cage facilities in both our east and west divisions to enhance their batting skills. All year long our resident pitching coach, Don Maley, offers FREE pitching clinics, including indoors during the winter. During the winter, NVGSA's select Firebirds' organization sponsors hitting, fielding, catching, and pitching clinics. And, if you thought we left out the summer, we did not. There are hearty soles in our organization who put together ad-hoc teams and join the summer FYFA (Fairfax Youth Fastpitch Association) 12 game/ 6 week program.

6.  Are there any hidden costs?


  • NVGSA's registration fee covers your whole house league obligations! There are no fund raisers to supplement the fees. There are no administrative fees tacked on to your registration fee. There are no participation fees to force parents to participate. None of your fees go to other sports or other organizations. Our select teams are completely autonomous from the house league and their fees.

7.  Do they have family discounts?

     Price breaks to families - Family Discounts

  • For families with more than one girl playing softball, we reduce the registration cost for subsequent family members.  The first family member is charged full price for registration, regardless of age division.  All subsequent family members, regardless of age division, receive a $25 discount.

  • In addition to our family discounts, NVGSA also offers full scholarships for registration costs to families who can prove financial need.  If you wish to receive more information about our registration scholarships, please email .

8.  Are the fields close by?

     Field Locations Near You!

  • Fairfax County Rec Dept. controls the allocation of fields and does not guarantee any organization a field from season to season. But, with hundreds girls stretching over several zip codes, we play on a field near you. Because of our large size, we have two divisions, east and west. In the past, our West Division has played at Wakefield Forest Elementary School (Braddock Road / Route 236 area) while our East Division has played at Clermont Park and Wilton Woods Administrative Center (Franconia Road / Telegraph Road area). Our girls in both divisions get the thrill of playing under the lights at Wakefield Park.

9.  What memories do they offer?

     Trophies, Pictures, Playoffs, and All Star Memories

  • The girls in the coach pitch (6U/8U) division all receive memorabilia in the spring season. We also offer every parent an opportunity to have their child's picture taken in uniform. Each of the non coach pitch divisions participate in playoffs and all star games.

10.  What other things do they do for the community?

     College Scolarships

  • To encourage scholastics in our girls and to give back to the community, NVGSA offers three $500 scholarships annually.

In conclusion, why choose NVGSA? Because we care as much about your daughter as you do.

If you have any questions regarding registration or NVGSA in general, please contact us at .