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A Word About Our Umpires...

NVGSA employs teen umpires for our 10U games.  This is an excellent opportunity for teens who love the game and wish to participate in a new and unique way.  Umpiring will deepen their own understanding of and boraden their experiences with the game (not to mention they will makes some cash - and stop asking you for movie money!).  All of our teen umpires are carefully selected and undergo a standard training regime.  It is imperative that our parents respect the effort these young leaders expend in trying to make our 10U games fair and fun for all of our players.  If you have concerns about a teen's abilities as an umpire, please do not address our teens directly, and do not show anger or discontent toward them.  Please discreetly share your concerns with your coach, the 10U commissioner, or with the league leadership.  We will work with the umpire, as needed, to address any legitimate concerns or complaints.

At 12U and 18U, NVGSA employs professionial umpires, all of whom are ASA certified.  Do not engage in any inappropriate conversation or communication with the umpires.  Not only might you be barred from attending the current or future games, but you may cause your team to incur undue penalties.  Any concerns or complaints regarding 12U or 18U umpires should be directed via email to your coach, your division commissioner, or league leadership.  Coaches, commissioners, and league leaders will work hard to mitigate legitimate concerns and to ensure our professional umpires are fair to all players and provide a good, healthy atmosphere for youth softball.