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Frequently Asked Questions

During spring and fall registrations, we frequently get asked many questions regarding girls' fast pitch softball and NVGSA specifically. Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions and our answers to them.

Q: When does registration begin and end?
A: Our spring registration begins during January and ends around the last Day of February. Our fall registration begins in July and ends in early August.

Q: Is there late registration after the deadline?
A: Yes, we will take late registration requests up until the beginning of the season. In the spring that is around the last week in March. In the fall, that will be around the 1st - 2nd week in August. Although we will accept late registrations, team placement is always based on space availability.

Q: Once I register, when can I expect to be contacted?
A: Our coaches will receive their team list and equipment for the spring season around the 2nd weekend in March. For the fall season, they receive their rosters on the 2nd or 3rd weekend in August. You should be contacted shortly after that.

Q: What are your age levels?
A: We group the girls as follows: Coach Pitch (6u and 8u) 5-8 yrs old, Pigtails (10u) 9-10 yrs old, Ponytails (12u) 11-12 yrs old, Seniors (18u) 13-18 yrs old. Age is determined based on the player’s age on January 1 of the current year. So if your daughter turns 11 on January 2, she would still be placed into 10U for that year's spring and fall season. Special circumstances should be discussed with the appropriate age group commissioner.

Q: If my daughter is more experienced, does she have to play at her age level?
A: NVGSA is a developmental league, but one with a high level of play. For the vast majority of girls the age division matching their birth year will be a good fit. For those with special circumstances, please contact your age division commissioner.

Q: When will the season start?
A: In the spring, practice begin in mid March and games begin mid April. In the fall, practice begins mid August and the games start around the 2nd weekend in September.

Q: How many practices a week will we have?
A: Before the season begins, each team will be assigned up to 2 practice days. It is up to the coach to decide how many of those to use. Although most coaches in the 10u, 12u, and 18u level hold as many practices as they can. During the season this is reduced to 1 practice per week, with additional practices often held based on field/batting cage and team availability. Older teams often hold supplemental batting cage practices.

Q: How many games will we play?
A: In the spring season, we try to play about 10 games (weather permitting) with a single or double elimination playoff at the end of the season for all but the coach pitch level. In the fall, we will play between 8 - 10 games. Our fall season does not have playoffs or all-star games.

Q: When does the season end?
A: For 10U and above the spring season should end on or near the last weekend in May. The playoffs will end before the end of school. An all-star game will be played sometime near the end of the season. The 6U and 8U seasons end with a special game around the same time as the older division all-star games. The fall softball season will end by the last weekend in October.

Q: What days do you play your games on and at what times?
A: Games are typically scheduled on Saturdays.  Start times are typically 9:00 am, 11:00 am, 1:00 pm or 3:00 pm.  We also schedule an occasional game on a weekday, with the typical start time of 6:30 pm.

Q: Where do you play your games?
A: Fairfax County Park Authority determines the fields for all sports organizations, and no team is guaranteed a field from season to season. In the past seasons, our main fields have been at Wakefield Forest Elementary School (Route 236/Braddock Road area near NVCC Annandale campus), Wakefield Park (Braddock road), Clermont Park and Wilton Woods Administrative Center (Franconia / Lee District).

Q: With so many fields, where can I expect to play?
A: We separated our teams into 2 divisions (areas), east and west. The eastern division practices/plays at Clermont Park and Wilton Woods Administrative Center (Franconia / Lee District / Telegraph Road). The western division practices/plays at Wakefield Forest Elementary School (near Annandale NVCC). Both divisions may have games under the lights at Wakefield Park Rec Center (Braddock Rd & 495). Choose the division to play in based on which field is easiest for you to get on week nights and weekends.

Q: If my daughter plays for the High School JV team, can she play NVGSA?
A: Yes! High School varsity and A level select team players are permitted to play only with special permission from the league.

Q: Does the house league conflict with High School JV softball?
A: Yes, for a few weeks their seasons will overlap in the spring.  NVGSA has many JV players who also play in our spring season. 

Q: If my daughter plays JV, should we sign her up to play in the house league too?
A: Yes! All the area High School coaches recommend to continue playing softball after the school season ends. They encourage the girls to play on select teams or local house league teams. NVGSA coaches understand that there will be a conflict or two in the beginning of the season, but that occurs with Girl Scouts, Band, Drama, and other school activities. Ultimately, you need to decide if you want to play softball into mid June or not.

Q: Should JV players wait to sign up until the end of the JV season?
No! Do NOT wait to sign up. Our teams may be filled and space may not be available. So, sign up early.

If you have any questions regarding NVGSA, please send an email to [email protected].

Birth Year Chart

For all of calendar year 2024, our divisions are divided by birthday as follows:


* only 2005s who are still in high school may play.
# only 2019s who are in kindgergarten may play.

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Northern Virginia Girls Softball Association

NVGSA Softball, P.O. Box 523432
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Northern Virginia Girls Softball Association

NVGSA Softball, P.O. Box 523432
Springfield, Virginia 22152

Email: [email protected]
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