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How Dimensions Works

The Dimensions program makes no changes to the current house recreational league.  At registration, NVGSA players have the option to specify whether or not they are interested in playing one additional day of softball per weekend.  The additional day consists of a Sunday afternoon doubleheader match against Dimensions teams from NVGSA at the same age division or an interleague match with similar quality teams from across the Northern Virginia area, primarily in Fairfax and Arlington counties.  There are several key things to consider when deciding whether or not to participate in the NVGSA Dimensions program.

Dimensions FAQ

Q: Will participation in the Dimensions program change my daughter’s participation in the regular House season?

A: No.  During fall and spring, Dimensions participants are required to be registered for play within the NVGSA House season for the same period in which they wish to participate on a Dimensions team.  Each participant will still be assigned to a regular NVGSA house team and will play regularly scheduled games throughout the season.  However, the Dimensions player will also join with her Dimensions team on Sunday afternoons for a double header matchup.  Dimensions participants will also be required to practice with their regular season NVGSA house team throughout the season.

During the summer, Dimensions players are not required to participate in a regular NVGSA house program, as the league does offer house play during this time.

IMPORTANT:  Dimensions teams do not hold separate, mandatory practices.  Instead, girls are brought together from across the league under the leadership of a coach to play doubleheader games on Sundays throughout the regular season.  Some Dimensions coaches may elect to hold an optional practice throughout the week, but attendance at such practices is not mandatory nor is it intended to be used as a criterion for determining playing time or eligibility.

Q: How are Dimensions teams formed?

A: At registration, NVGSA house players will indicate whether or not they are interested in Dimensions participation at the same age level for which they are registered for house play.  Depending upon the number of interested players and the number of available Dimensions coaches, girls will be assigned to a Dimensions team.  Each Dimensions team requires a minimum of 10 girls and will be limited to a 12-girl maximum roster.

Q: Will every player wishing to play Dimensions be guaranteed placement on a Dimensions team?

A: No. NVGSA will make every attempt to place interested players on a Dimensions team within their respective regular house age division.However, the number of teams available at each level depends upon the availability of coaches for each age group. NVGSA will strive for at least one team at each age level, assuming we have a coach and have met the minimum roster requirements described in question 2.

Q: How are players assigned to the Dimensions teams?

A: If there are more interested players than available spots on a team, the assigned NVGSA Dimensions coach will have the authority to select the players for the team based upon the pool of interested players.There are no tryouts for Dimensions teams.Final rosters are approved by the NVGSA Board of Directors.

Q: How are coaches selected for the NVGSA Dimensions teams?

A: The NVGSA Board of Directors will be responsible for selecting the Dimensions coaches based upon coach registration at the beginning of each fall and spring season.The league makes no guarantee that interested coaches will necessarily be granted a Dimensions team.

Q: My daughter currently plays 12U house even though she is technically still 10U eligible.  If she doesn’t get selected for the 12U Dimensions team, can she play on the 10U Dimensions team?

A: No. Players are only eligible to play on a Dimensions team at the level for which they are registered in the regular NVGSA House Program.NVGSA understands that some parents and players feel it is necessary to “play up” an age division in order to be in a more competitive environment.Unfortunately, however, “playing up” can have the unintended effect of diluting competitiveness at both age levels.We are hopeful that the NVGSA Dimensions program will allow girls to receive the desired level of extra competitiveness while still contributing to an overall high quality of play at their appropriate age group within the regular house program.

Q: I noticed that there isn’t always a Dimensions team for each age group.  Why?

A: Great question. Team formation is based upon having enough interested players.Because of the competitiveness of the game and the commitments players sometimes have for other activities, each team is required to have a minimum of 10 players.Additionally, NVGSA may have difficulty finding qualified coaches during some seasons (such as spring).At the older ages it is important to point out that although we start with consideration for an 18U team, we may actually end up fielding a 16U or 14U team based on the ages of the selected players.

Q: When and where are Dimensions games played?

A: Dimensions games are primarily played on Sunday afternoons at local fields (primarily within Fairfax and Arlington counties, and in Alexandria).  While some games may be played on traditional NVGSA fields, such as those at Wakefield Park, games may be played anywhere between Lorton and Vienna, or Mt. Vernon to Fairfax.  NVGSA will try to ensure a minimum of 10 games (5 doubleheaders) per team.  Additional games may be scheduled, pending weather, field availability and time remaining in the season.

Note: Each game in the doubleheader has a 1 hour 15 minute no new inning and 1 hour 20 minute drop dead time limit.

Q: Are there additional fees for Dimensions participation?

A: Yes.The per player cost, per season is $100. NVGSA Dimensions games are scheduled via the Fairfax Youth Fastpitch Association (FYFA). FYFA requires a seasonal participation fee per team in order to participate.The $100 per player cost pays for the FYFA fees, which cover field maintenance and field equipment costs, umpire costs for the doubleheader games, and other associated FYFA administrative costs. Additionally, NVGSA uses these fees to cover team equipment and internal administrative costs associated with the Dimensions program.Unfortunately, no registration scholarships or multi-player family discounts can be applied toward these fees.

Q: Will separate uniforms be provided to Dimensions participants?

A: Partially. Dimensions participants will receive a Dimensions jersey for the duration of the season. This cost of the jersey is included in the participation fee. Dimensions participants are required to purchase black softball pants at their own expense – this is not optional. Every Dimensions player must have black pants to participate in the games.Additionally, coaches may request that families purchase matching socks for the season.

Q: My daughter just played with a Dimensions team last season.  Can we just use her jersey from the previous team and pay a reduced registration fee?

A: No. Jersey numbers may be re-assigned from season to season. Additionally, jersey styles or logos may change slightly from season to season. Each registrant is required to pay the full registration fee in order to participate with a team.

Q: Do I need to purchase special equipment for my daughter to participate in Dimensions?

A: Possibly. Other than a fielder’s glove, players are not required to have personal equipment. However, if players wish to use personal batting helmets, bats, or catching gear, such equipment must bear the ASA stamp or logo. The ASA stamp should reflect a year of at least 2004 for the equipment to be considered legal. ASA stamps with earlier year markings will result in the equipment not be considered legal and it will be ineligible for game use.

While it is not required, all players are strongly encouraged to purchase face masks for play in the field.

Q: Is Dimensions a travel softball training program?

A: Not exactly. One of the primary goals of the program is to raise the overall level of play within the regular NVGSA House league by providing players from across the league with additional opportunities for competitive playing time. Some participants will undoubtedly see the program as an opportunity to build sound softball fundamentals and skills that may make the player more prepared for play on NVGSA Firebirds teams, our travel program. Participation in the program, however, does not guarantee selection for an NVGSA Firebirds team.

Girls ARE NOT required to play Dimensions to be eligible for Firebirds tryouts.

Q: Do the Dimensions teams follow regular NVGSA house rules?

A: No. NVGSA Dimensions teams follow rules drafted by the old Fairfax Youth Fastpitch Association (FYFA) rules. FYFA rules are intended to align closely with USA Softball rules for fastpitch softball, with some modifications for specific age groups. Typically, the rules followed by Dimensions teams can be considered slightly more traditional than NVGSA regular house rules – especially at the 10U and 12U age groups.

Q: Do the NVGSA Dimensions teams stay together for fall, spring, and summer seasons?

A: No. During the fall and spring seasons, each Dimensions team is formed at the beginning of the regular NVGSA house season, based upon the pool of interested house players. During the summer, Dimensions teams are selected based on the overall pool of interested players. Summer participation does not require participation in the regular House program. For a variety of reasons, including the discretion of the NVGSA Board of Directors, appointed coaches may also change from season to season.

Q: My daughter didn’t play NVGSA House softball in the spring.  Is she still eligible to play on a summer team with the Dimensions program?

A: Yes. Dimensions teams are selected each season based on player interest. Unlike fall and spring seasons, summer participation in the Dimensions program does not require NVGSA House participation (there is no regular house summer league).

Q: My daughter played on a Dimensions team during the spring season.  Is she guaranteed a roster spot on a summer Dimensions team?

A: No. As stated earlier, Dimensions teams reformed every season. Coaches have the authority to assign players to their Dimensions team based upon the pool of interested players. Each team roster is approved by the Board of Directors prior to the start of the season.

Q: Does Dimensions replace the former NVGSA summer team program?

A: Yes. The Dimensions teams are intended to represent NVGSA during summer play.

Q: This sounds great!  We are interested.  What next?

A: After registering for fall or spring house, fill out the additional Dimensions interest registration. For summer teams, the Dimensions will have a separate, two-step registration process to first indicate interest in participation, and then to sign up, if selected. You will be notified prior to the start of the season if your daughter is assigned to a Dimensions team. Families of girls that are not selected will be notified via league email.

Q: This is great information, but I still have questions.  Who should I contact

A: You can email NVGSA at [email protected] or the Dimensions Commissioner for more information.  Don’t be shy – let us hear from you if you have questions or ideas about the program.

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